Employment and Working Conditions

Breakdown of human resources in the NITORI Group

Although the majority of NITORI Group’s employees work in our stores, we have various other lines of work in areas such as manufacturing and logistics. We are committed to maintaining working environments to suit each of those professions.

Domestic employees
Domestic employees
Domestic employees

Over 80% of our employees are part-time staff

We employ a particularly high percentage of part-time staff, accounting for over 80% of our employees and they play a vital role in supporting many aspects of the NITORI Group. For this reason, we don't refer to part-time staff using words such as “non-regular.” We regard everyone as colleagues working for the same company from the president down to each individual employee.
We have areas in which each individual can choose how they work in line with their own lifestyle, so that they can make a real difference.

Percentage of part-time staff
Percentage of part-time staff

Increasing basic wages

As we continue to grow in the future, we are likely to encounter a whole host of difficulties. The most important thing in terms of overcoming those obstacles will not be our equipment or other tangible assets, but our employees. That is precisely why we invest up-front in our employees and continue to review wages annually. In the spring of 2017, we increased basic wages for the 14th year in a row for career-track employees, and for the four year in a row for part-time staff.
We believe that continually increasing basic wages every year helps to motivate employees and improve productivity. First and foremost however, we want to transform workplaces in the retail industry, which has always had an image of “hard work for low pay.” We want to create a working environment in which employees can work with pride.
We will keep on improving working conditions in the future as we continue to work towards ambitious goals such as these.

* Cumulative wage revision state based on 2009.

* Cumulative wage revision state based on 2008.