Promoting Diversity

Stepping up efforts to promote diversity

Establishment of committee to promote diversity

In order to promote a more work-friendly environment, the "Diversity Promotional Committee" was established in 2013. In order to create an environment where individual personalities are respected, and a diversified personnel are able give maximum performance, our committee members negotiate issues, and make suggestions to the company, as well as hold seminars.

Initiatives to date (examples)

FY2013: Identifying problem areas

  • Published “Guidebook on Marriage, Childbirth and Raising Children (Vol.1)”
  • Launched in-house newsletter “NITORI MATE”

FY2014: Expanding systems in line with life events

  • Organized first NJ Meeting
  • Expanded systems for childbirth and child raising
  • Provided information on external services relating to childcare and nursing care support, and introduced corporate discount scheme
Diversity Promotion Committee
Diversity Promotion Committee

FY2015: Awareness and educational activities

  • Organized first nursing care seminars
  • Organized first diversity seminars for senior staff
  • Introduced dedicated page on the company intranet
  • Relaunched in-house newsletter “NITORI MATE”

2016: Expansion of initiative field

  • Incorporation of telecommuting system
  • Creation of an intranet page specifically for job seekers
  • Incorporation of holiday child cost subsidy system
  • Seminars for foreign national employees


NJ Meetings

Held every year since 2014, as a venue for our female employees to connect and exchange information. Aimed at our female executives, as well as all women who are trying to raise a family while working. The seminar provides a venue for female employees who were recently hired, and those who have been in the workforce for a while, to discuss ways of balancing both work and family, as well as how to make life and career plans. We plan to continue to create an environment that allows women to thrive in the workplace.

An NJ Meeting in progress
An NJ Meeting in progress


Diversity seminars

Seminars aimed at executives will be held to promote an understanding of "diversity" and its purpose. Content covering issues on how to communicate and interact with subordinates, and foreign employees, will be introduced through video presentations. This seminar has caused a great deal of reaction, and has resulted in the spread to other meetings and quarterly training sessions.
The committee will continue to take a central stance on planning content of said seminars, and strive to promote diversity and company culture.

Expanding systems for childbirth and raising children

Employees are now able to choose from working options to suit their lifestyle and health.

Reduced-hours system

[Change of scope] Instead of starting after they return to work from childcare leave, employees can now use the system from the date they are confirmed to be pregnant.
[Change of duration] Employees can now reduce their hours to five hours a day rather than six hours.

Childcare leave system

[Extension of duration] Employees can now extend childcare leave until their child reaches the age of two rather than the age of one and half as it was previously.

Childbirth and childcare support leave

Employees may bring forward some of the paid leave they are due to receive in the future as special paid leave that is in line with the number of years they have worked for the company.

Employees taking childcare leave
Employees taking childcare leave
Employees using the reduced-hours system
Employees using the reduced-hours system

Paid Leave System

We operate a paid leave system that is open to all NITORI employees, including part-time employees. We introduced a half-day paid leave system in 2016 as part of our efforts to promote a wider range of working options.

“Job return” system for re-hiring retired employees

Even if they had to leave the company previously, we give employees the chance to take on new challenges and make the most of the knowledge and skills they acquired while working for NITORI.
Our “job return” system is open to career-track employees, including area-specific employees, who have left the company for personal reasons, such as marriage, childbirth, raising children or caring for family members, or due to reasons such as moving jobs or studying overseas to further their career. The system can be used by employees up to 15 years after leaving the company.

Employee registration system for part-time employees

We actively encourage part-time employees to switch their status to contract employees or area-specific career-track employees.
(System used by 84 employees in FY2016)

Recruiting overseas human resources (global recruitment)

We actively recruit human resources from a global perspective, in line with our vision of achieving 3,000 stores by 2032.
Our goal is to create pleasant workplaces where all employees can share in our mission statement and vision statement.

Published the Diversity Guide Book

By combining the system content into one, we are able to make public the current system. Our goal is to promote use, while reducing the fears, and burden when sudden need occurs. Further, the guide book is distributed to all employees, so that if you or a subordinate is required to use the system in an emergency situation, all will be ready. The guide book has been revised and published each year, since its first issue in 2013. The 2017 issue has incorporated issued concerning foreign employees, LGBT issues, and other information, to enlighten a large population of readers.

Published the Diversity Guide Book