Human Resource Development

NITORI University – the NITORI Group’s education system
Education is the greatest form of welfare

NITORI University is the general term we use for in-house education throughout NITORI Group. Our goal is to provide specialist education that offers a wide range of educational opportunities designed to equip employees with the skills they need to make a difference on a global scale.
All of our employees draw up a career plan twice a year and set themselves “life goals” outlining the sort of person they’d like to be by the time they reach the age of 80. This gives everyone the opportunity to work back from that endpoint and reflect on what goals that they need to achieve.
Rather than just doing a job for the company, we want our employees to experience a wide range of work within the company so that they can find their own motivation. Our employees work for the benefit of everyone, not just the company. Our goal is to produce human resources who give back to society based on the experience and knowledge they have acquired through their work so that we can all do our bit to provide comfortable, luxurious living.

Career development roadmap (skill attainment levels)
Career development roadmap (skill attainment levels)

Three education systems
Providing educational opportunities for all employees and investing five times as much in education as the average listed company

We have set up three education systems at NITORI in order to develop genuine specialists.
Employees are equipped with real-world experience and skills across various departments, acquire knowledge through off-the-job training (Off-JT) and supplement skills that need improving themselves. We believe this enables employees to grow into human resources for the future.

Transfer-based education

Experiencing a wide range of workplaces and areas of work enables employees to identify the areas in which they can provide the greatest value. The key feature of transfer-based education is that it creates workplaces that offer a real sense of motivation.

  • To make the most of our wide-ranging operations, employees are transferred every two to three years so that they gain more experience.
  • Employees learn about themselves and identify where they are best suited and can continually improve their skills in the process.
  • This provides motivation and helps employees find their “life work”.
Transfer-based education

Knowledge-based education

This is an educational system whereby employees learn about a range of different principles through training. From entry-level to executive level, the system is designed to assist learning through education in basic knowledge including chain store theory and business skills, and education aimed at enhancing management abilities.


NITORI Atami Training Center

We opened the Atami Training Center with the aim of providing training that would improve employees’ knowledge and skills. The extensive site accommodates 150 guests with multiple training rooms available for a wide range of tailored classes, as well as a canteen and gym open to guests.

NITORI Atami Training Center
NITORI Atami Training Center


We offer a wide range of tools for self-development. In addition to an extensive array of in-house tools, we provide opportunities for employees to acquire essential skills and knowledge through measures such as support with course fees for external tools.

Providing career support through a range of educational systems

Position-specific training

We provide introductory training for new employees, training for employees at every level (store manager training, etc.), and optional training for employees to gain experience or train for a certain role (middle management training, etc.).

Position-specific training
Position-specific training

Seminars in America

Every year, around 800 people take part in our seminars in America. Seminars start with theoretical training but also cover topics such as checking products on site and offering coordinated suggestions. The main goal is to underline our dream and vision by getting employees to experience the “the foundation of prosperous home living” we aspire towards. In addition, employees have the opportunity to see how people in the U.S. live and to visit the chain stores that make those lifestyles possible. We have put together a curriculum ranging from introductory to advanced courses, all of which can be incorporated into operational improvements at the departmental level.

Seminar in America
Seminar in America

Global trainee system/Overseas job posting system

This is a new job posting system to enable us to develop globally capable human resources, as part of our goal of achieving 3,000 stores worldwide by 2032.
Selected applicants are assigned to work overseas for several years and they take on local jobs that tie in their individual goals.

Local pre-assignment training
Local pre-assignment training
  Global training system Overseas job posting system
Goals To develop global human resources for the future To handle education and management in each country, as adaptable human resources
To obtain knowledge and skills that would be difficult to obtain in Japan by working overseas To establish a framework to share the NITORI Group’s mission statement and vision statement all over the world
  • Employees who are at least in their second year with the company (no age restrictions)
  • Employees who have passed internal exams
  • Employees with good evaluation scores for their work in Japan
  • Employees with good scores on preliminary tasks
Language requirements
  • English (TOEIC 700 or higher)


  • Chinese (HSK level 4 or higher)

(Although self-study is compulsory)

Self-development support systems

We have a range of support systems in place to help employees further their careers in line with their individual aspirations.

In-house tools

E-learning We provide online self-development tools and have set up numerous courses designed to help employees with their duties. Employees are able to take courses covering the knowledge and theories they need to improve their skills anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace.
NITORI Color Coordination School (NCCS) NCCS is a course that teaches knowledge in interior coordination, which is something that is essential to NITORI as a company. Employees can study at four different levels in line with their skills. Levels range from the beginner course, where students learn the basics of interior design and sizing up spaces and colors to the expert course, which consists of talks from selected speakers and field work.
NITORI World Circle (NWC) NWC activities encourage employees to use simple statistical tools and work with their colleagues to solve problems and challenges in the workplace through teamwork. Activities are open to anyone who wishes to participate. Teams that are selected at the regional level go on to give a presentation to management. The best ideas are then tested, refined and rolled out throughout the company.

External tools

Language classes Employees can take courses at a discounted rate at external language schools that are affiliated with the company. We have also set up an online course, as well as school-based courses.
External correspondence courses We have introduced a system to enable employees to take external correspondence courses to assist with self-development and help employees advance in their careers.
One-off payment system for educational qualifications We provide one-off payments to cover qualifications or exams specified by the company (Interior Coordinator, Customs Officer, Registered Architect, etc.)
Education mileage system We have introduced a system whereby “education miles” are awarded to employees who have shown particular dedication to self-development and achieved results. By earning more miles, employees can secure additional investment in their education.

Internal qualification systems

We have in place a number of internal qualification systems to enable employees to acquire specialist knowledge essential for their work.

Internal qualification systems (examples)

  • Quality examiner
  • Repair technician
  • System kitchen coordinator
  • Total renovation coordinator
  • Tailored curtain advisor