Occupational Health and Safety

Promoting employee health

NITORI Health Insurance Society

In 2013, we established a company-specific Nitori Health Insurance Society to maintain and promote the health of our employees and their families.
We offer a variety of health exams to our union members, including medical checkups, cancer checkups, comprehensive medical examination, influenza vaccinations, and dental checkups based on extensive health criteria.
In the insurance business, we have introduced a new personal health portal site in addition to our website, which allows employees to browse personal health checkup information and medical expense information, including family members, as needed, and to provide a variety of health information to further improve their health literacy.
In addition, we conducted walking campaigns and health classes and health education as a collaborative project with employers, doctors and public health nurses. Together with various medical examinations, we support your healthy lives.

The Nitori Group and the health insurance union, which have been selected as the "White 500" by the "Health Management Declaration," will continue to work together to support the health of our employees and their families.

NITORI Health Insurance Society

NITORI Health Insurance Society initiatives

  • Making health checks available free of charge
  • Complete medical checkups at regular intervals (age 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60) 
    *Free of charge from age 40 upwards
  • Gynaecological examinations (age 20 upwards)
  • Annual health checks (all employees except students)

Participating in the 「KENKO Business Association」 and the 「Health and Management Association」

Participating companies learn about health management programs, expertise, how to revitalize their organizations, and how to improve employee satisfaction. The Company and the health union work together to consider and discuss how to build and increase effective and efficient systems for maintaining and promoting employee’s health.

Issuing a “Health Management Declaration”

On April 1, 2016, we issued a “Health Management Declaration” with the goal of promoting good health for our employees and their families. Driven by NITORI Group’s dream of providing “the foundation of prosperous home living,” we are committed to creating pleasant working environments, offering a better work-life balance, and keeping all of our employees in good health, both physically and mentally. We also aim to contribute to people’s health through our health-related operations.

Issuing a “Health Management Declaration”

Health Management Declaration

We believe that employee health is a crucial management resource for the NITORI Group.
We will work with our labor union and health insurance society to help all of our employees and their families stay healthy so that we can achieve our group dream and vision and ensure that all employees fulfil their potential.

NITORI Healthcare Groups

We organize small group activities throughout the company with the goal of maintaining and improving employee health. Groups plan and organize a range of health-related events such as physical fitness improvement contests, walking campaigns and health classes in an effort to establish healthy habits as part of employees’ everyday lives.

NITORI Healthcare Groups

Workplace diagnostic questionnaires

We ask employees to complete workplace diagnostic questionnaires every year to help us create more pleasant working environments.