”To provide the foundation of prosperous home living to the global community.”
Our company policy is to provide low price, good quality home furnishings and furniture
so that people can live daily life in a coordinated and comfortable way.
In achieving this dream, we have been working with people from overseas to support our business.
Therefore we would like to thank everyone around the world who has contributed so much to the NITORI Group.
This section will introduce the contribution activities and initiatives of the NITORI Group,
which is engaged in manufacturing, logistics, IT, and related retail businesses.

NITORI Group-Overseas Relationships

The manufacturing of the NITORI Group would not be possible without the support of our overseas partners.With all of their support, we are committed to contributing to the everyday lifestyle of people all over the world, to achieve our company policy of ”To provide the foundation of prosperous home living to the global community.”

Ratio of overseas procurement and

About 90 %

※Mainly produced in Asian countries

Number of overseas suppliers

About 770 companies

Product supply sources

12 countries & regions

※Mainly from China, Vietnam, Malaysia,
Thailand and other Asian countries

Number of overseas co-workers

More than 12,000 people

※As of end of February 2021
※Figures for procurement, in-house manufacturing, logistics, and sales bases

Overseas store openings

The Nitori Group is actively opening new stores overseas to achieve the company policy ”To provide the foundation of prosperous home living to the global community.”
In 2007, we opened our first overseas store in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and in 2013, we opened a store in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, the home of chain stores and one of the most competitive markets in the world. In 2014, we opened a store in China, one of the world's fastest growing markets, marking the start of our overseas expansion in Asia and beyond.
Currently (as of June 2021), we have a total of 76 stores overseas (37 in China, 37 in Taiwan, and 2 in the United States), and over 36 million customers visit our stores annually.

Donations and scholarship support

NITORI Group's Donations to Overseas Countries

The NITORI Group has donated over JPY700 million to countries and regions overseas to support natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, as well as cultural and educational activities. We will continue to provide support in the future.

Public interest Incorporated Foundation
Non-repayable scholarship support of the Nitori International Scholarship Foundation

Akio Nitori, the founder of the Company, donated his financial resources to establish the Nitori International Scholarship Foundation in March 2005. He wants to give back to the Asian countries for their tremendous help and support in achieving the goals of Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd. Furthermore we offer non-repayable scholarships to contribute to further friendship and human resource development around the world. We have supported a total of 7,040 students in 43 countries and regions over the years. In the future, we will continue to support them in a variety of ways, both domestically and internationally.

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ChinaChina A strategic area for global expansion


Conveying the joy of coordination and
a better lifestyle

The NITORI Group has a total of about 580 suppliers in China. About 80% of our overseas suppliers are located in China, which is an important partner country for us to continue to provide products to our customers. We wanted to give something back to the people who support us in manufacturing, and to suggest to them a coordinated living. With this in mind, we want to contribute to people's lifestyles in China, which has the world's second-largest GDP, with our business model of a home furnishing store that provides total coordination of homes. In October 2014, the NITORI Group opened its first store in China, Wuhan Gunsei Store in Hubei Province. The stores were opened under the NITORI brand name and are mainly tenants in the rapidly growing number of local shopping malls. The NITORI Group's original chain store system and low-cost operations have enabled us to actively open new stores even in rural areas where it was considered difficult to expand. As of June 2021, we have 37 stores in China. Annually approximately 24 million customers visit our stores which contribute to their lifestyles.

To support of better lifestyle in the future

 In order to further increase the number of stores in China in the future, we need to not only increase our manufacturing lines but also strengthen our product supply chain system, including imports from other countries. Therefore, in December 2015 NITORI (CHINA) HOLDING CO.,LTD was established in Shanghai to conduct retail business, and NITORI (Taicang) Trading & Logistics Co, Ltd. was established in Taicang. Both companies are 100% subsidiaries to supply products. In May 2018, we also began operating a new large logistics center at NITORI (Taicang) Trading & Logistics Co, Ltd.The center is currently operating with a total floor space of about 158,000 sqm and is expected to have a total floor space of about 18,5000 sqm in the second phase of construction to complete in 2022.

In the future, we want to expand our role not only as a supply base but also as a distribution center that functions as a manufacturing and supply base for Japan and Asia.
In addition to stores including manufacturing and distribution centers, the number of local co-workers has increased to about 1,200 (as of February 2021), and we are developing our business with the support of local co-workers.

Donations for China

To date, NITORI Group has donated over JPY300 million to China to support cultural and educational activities as well as donations for earthquakes and other natural disasters. We will continue to provide constant support.

Taiwan Our first step towards overseas expansion

Taiwan Our first step towards overseas expansionTaiwan Our first step towards overseas expansion


NITORI's first overseas store

In May 2007 after receiving an invitation from Kaohsiung City, we opened the Kaohsiung Dream Mall Store (now closed). This is NITORI's first store in Taiwan and our first overseas store. Furthermore, Taiwan is an important region that serves as the foundation for our overseas expansion. We thought that the living environment there had a lot in common with that of Japan, so we initially sold our products directly from the Japanese market. However, we realized that many things are different from the living environment in Japan, for example, the bedding size is similar to Europe and the United States size which larger than the typical Japanese size. Therefore, now we are also focusing on the product development and supply that is original to Taiwanese customers and regional characteristics. Currently, we sell about 70% of the same products as the Japanese market and about 30% of Taiwanese original products.

After opening the first store, Nitori increased its recognition by opening stores in Taipei and other major cities. Moreover, we have been able to provide local customers with the appeal of Nitori's "low prices and reasonable quality." As of June 2021, we have 37 stores in Taiwan. We now have more than 13 million customers visiting our stores annually. In addition, we have approximately 800 local co-workers(as of February 2021), and we are developing our business.

We will continue to contribute to the lifestyle of Taiwanese people by continuing to provide home furnishing products and the enjoyment of coordination by further increasing the number of stores in the future.

Donations for Taiwan

We provided support for the project as part of the academic exchange between Kushiro City in Hokkaido and Taipei City. The project aims to conduct research on the protection and breeding of the red-crowned crane. As part of this project, the Kushiro City Zoo donated a pair of red-crowned cranes to the Taipei City Zoo.

Vietnam The manufacturing facility sustaining global products supplies

Vietnam The manufacturing facility sustaining global products suppliesVietnam The manufacturing facility sustaining global products supplies



The NITORI Group has two in-house factories (Hanoi and Ba Ria-Vung Tau) in Vietnam.
The total area of the Hanoi factory, which began operation in 2005, is about 160,000 square meters (about 3.4 Tokyo Domes). We mainly produce furniture while also focusing on the efficient use of resources such as utilizing wood scraps and producing recycled urethane.
The total area of the Ba Ria-Vung Tau factory, which began operation in 2017, is about 400,000 square meters (about 8.5 Tokyo Domes), which is about 2.5 times that of the Hanoi factory. We produce not only furniture but also N-Cool and bedding products. In addition, a curtain factory will begin operation in stages from July 2021 at the Ba Ria-Vung Tau factory. First, we plan to produce 800 sets of curtains a day, and in the future, we expect to support overseas production as a fabric factory for not only curtains but also sofas and other products.
In both Hanoi and Ba Ria-Vung Tau, meals are provided free of charge at the factory cafeteria. The food is very popular with local employees, who describe the food as hearty and delicious.
There are approximately 10,000 local employees who work at these factories (as of February 2021). Serving as an overseas in-house manufacturing hub, they support the stable supply of products. In addition, having our own factory in the area creates local employment and contributes to the development of the local community

Sharing the pride and joy of working for NITORI with local employees
Sharing the pride and joy of working for NITORI with local employees


SIAM NITORI, our in-house factory in Thailand, is the only factory that manufactures carpets and rugs for Japan from recycled PET bottles using special technology. Recycled polyester extracted from about one hundred 500ml PET bottles can be used to manufacture one 10 square meter carpet. Approximately one hundred million PET bottles are reused annually, and the carpet produced from them amounts to approximately 3.75 million square meters (about 80 Tokyo Domes). We are also implementing environmentally friendly measures in the manufacturing process, such as adopting a dyeing method that does not generate sewage. In addition, this effort has helped to reduce the use of limited resources such as fossil fuels, as it does not use the petroleum-derived synthetic fibers normally required to manufacture carpets and rugs.
There are approximately 400 local employees who work at this factory (as of February 2021). It is only with their support that we can manufacture low-priced, high-quality products. In the future, we will expand the use of recycled fibers to produce products other than carpets and promote efforts to further reduce environmental burden and create a recycling-oriented society.

Sharing the pride and joy of working for NITORI with local employees
Sharing the pride and joy of working for NITORI with local employees




The United States:
Birthplace of the NITORI Group Philosophy

Akio Nitori (currently Chairman of the Board) first visited an American chain store in 1972.
The affordability, product assortment, and quality of the furniture he saw far surpassed anything he had seen in Japan at the time. The excitement Nitori felt when he experienced this higher standard of living is reflected in the NITORI Group mission of “providing the foundation of prosperous home living to the global community.” It could be said that the NITORI Group wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the United States.
Since the birth of the company’s mission, it has always been Nitori’s dream to open a store in the United States to give back to the country he learned so much from. This dream came true in 2013 when the long-awaited first store opened under the brand name "Aki-Home". Currently, we have two stores in Southern California serving the local community.
In 2020, we began focusing on strengthening our EC business in the United States in response to the coronavirus pandemic. For example, we expanded eligible shipping areas and developed core products for home goods and pushed omni-channel initiatives such as expanding partnerships with EC platforms and channels. Going forward, we will continue to expand our efforts to further increase touchpoints between NITORI Group and the American people.

Business outline