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Nitori Co., Ltd.
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Through its stores throughout Japan, NITORI sells furniture and interior goods that enable it to provide “the foundation of prosperous home living” to people wherever they live. At NITORI, we offer products that can be “perfectly coordinated” by our customers, at affordable prices, to help each customer realize an affluent, comfortable living style.
Home Logistics Co., Ltd.
Home Logistics Co., Ltd.
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Through steps to lower intermediate costs, Home Logistics helps NITORI achieve affordable prices for its products. The efforts provided by Home Logistics include the development of an efficient logistics network to ensure prompt delivery of goods to stores at low delivery costs, while warehousing products developed overseas.
Nitori Public Co., Ltd.
Nitori Public Co., Ltd.
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As a member of the NITORI Group, NITORI PUBLIC provides advertising and public relations support and growth strategies for each company, including NITORI. NITORI PUBLIC is working to develop new communication strategies and create value with the goal of “becoming clients’ most trusted branding partner.”
Nitori Facility Co., Ltd.
Nitori Facility Co., Ltd.
We are responsible for the maintenance of NITORI Group’s stores and offices, ensuring they are always kept in the best condition. We also strive to create comfortable store space for our customers, and to reduce costs. As an insurance agency, we deal with non-life insurance and life insurance, helping our customers and employees create a reassuring and satisfactory life plan.
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NITORI established its original "Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail Sales" SPA model. HOME DECO is one of the supplier of NITORI, we try the best to bring affluent home living to as many as our custmers via " Product Develpment, Raw Material Procurement, & Manufacturing " HOME DECO is offering you a coloful daily life by the coordination of window, in order to provide the foundation of prosperous home living to everyone by affordable prices & great performance curtaine.

N+ (N Plus)
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N+ (N Plus) is a fashion brand created by Nitori Group. Based on the concept of “clothes suitable for me,” we aim to provide sophisticated fashion that adult women would want to wear everyday. We offer affordable and comfortable items that can be easily color coordinated.

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We have expanded our store locations mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan areas and the Kansai areas, aiming to become a general store that offers anything related to home and living, focusing mainly on home improvement centers, furniture and interior goods. As a group company of the NITORI Group, we will offer a wide variety of products and services which will lead to enrich our customer’s homes.

Nitori Digital Base CO.,LTD.
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Digital Base is a gathering place for IT and digital talents from all over the world. Using NITORI's information system as the "base," we are actively utilizing innovative digital technology to implement DX for the NITORI Group.



  • Nitori Taicang Trading & Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • Nitori Trading(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.