Materiality 6
Creation of a rewarding work environment and promotion of diversity

Basic policy

NITORI Group aims to train true specialists who can contribute to society, enhances human resources through transfer-based education that covers an extensive range of business fields, and creates an organization with a wealth of elites. In addition, we aim for a comfortable workplace environment where all Group employees feel empowered and respect each other’s personalities. To this end, we strive to respect human rights (prohibit forced labor, child labor, and discrimination, etc.) and maintain an appropriate work environment (prevent overwork, ensure more leave than statutory requirements, pay statutory minimum wage, ensure workplace safety, create a comfortable workplace environment where employees work in good health, etc.).

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NITORI Group’s Human Capital

Since its inception, NITORI Group has repeatedly rejected the status quo and has continued to take on unprecedented challenges. The driving force behind this is our employees. Based on the belief that ‘individual growth leads to corporate growth’, we have focused on the development of a wealth of elites and specialist personnel. We encourage and support each individual to proactively aim for growth towards what they want to become.

Promote human resource and organizational development

NITORI Group aims to realize an organization with wealth of elites through human resource development based on transfer-based education, which allows employees to experience a variety of occupations every two to three years in a wide range of business fields and by providing a variety of training programs at NITORI University that is tailored to the individual. In order to achieve this goal, we will continue to create an organization and corporate culture that values and nurtures people who continue to take on new challenges.

Job-rotation-based education

NITORI Group’s growth is supported by a wealth of elite specialists who can think comprehensively and create new value. The pillar of human resources development is “job-rotation-based education” designed so that employees experience various occupations in the Group’s extensive business areas every two to three years. This is an education system that forms the foundation of human resources development, designed to provide each employee with a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience. At the same time, in order to encourage the growth of each employee toward the fulfillment of his or her vision, we have introduced a talent management system to link personnel data and are working to design transfers and employee education tailored to each employee’s career aspirations. This approach has produced a large number of NITORI-style specialists who can apply knowledge in a broad range of fields and combine expertise in several subjects to generate innovation. We continue to aim for sustainable growth by taking advantage of the potential presented by being an organization with a wealth of elites.

Career support/Education system/Training system

Internal commendation system

We have various internal commendation systems and competitions to increase employee motivation and create innovation. Initiatives and results that are launched and produced by each individual, group, and department are acknowledged and recognized across the company. These commendation systems and competitions not only revitalize the company but also play a significant role in the development of the organization by uncovering hidden abilities and identifying talented human resources.


NITORI Group promotes diversity & inclusion, considering that fostering a corporate culture where employees in different circumstances and with different backgrounds, in terms of childbirth, childcare, nursing care, nationality, sexual orientation, etc., acknowledge and respect each other creates an empowered work environment and leads to the company’s growth.

Creating a healthy and safe work environment

NITORI Group strives to ensure workplace safety and aims for a comfortable work environment where all our employees work in good health.


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