Materiality 5
Contribution to local communities

Basic policy

NITORI Group takes action to be indispensable to local customers by contributing to local communities as a mission of chain stores, such as ensuring stable supply of affordable products essential in daily life, creating local employment, and being environmentally conscious.

Creation of local employment

NITORI Group has stores, offices and its own factories overseas, where 12,869 local employees work (*as of March 31, 2023). Many of these local employees not only support the stable supply of products as NITORI Group’s overseas bases, but also contribute to the enrichment of local homes. The presence of stores and our own factories, etc. in those areas also creates local employment and contributes to the development of local communities.

Promotion of CSR activities

Aiming to become a company that people will feel in need of, we implement a wide variety of local contribution activities, with particular focus on “support for human resources,” “environmental support” and “cultural support,” to give back to all of the countries, local communities, and society members that nurture and support NITORI Group.

Examples of CSR Activities[PDF file will open1.66MB]

NITORI Group is supporting the following activities

Other support activities

Contribution to convenient and enjoyable shopping experiences for customers through expansion of store network

Enriching homes for many more people

We aim to make available products necessary for everyday life anytime, anywhere, and for anyone. We consider the increasing number of customers as an indicator of social contribution. We are opening stores in unconventional places that have market areas with populations of 100 thousand or less, as well as in urban areas, thereby increasing accessibility to brick-and-mortar stores. In the meantime, our e-commerce site NITORI-net proposes more convenient ways to shop by expanding the range of available products and introducing new services, including virtual showrooms, where customers can enjoy 360-degree views of NITORI’s coordination. As a destination store in the area (a store where customers can buy everything they are looking for at one place), we will continue to expand the contribution to convenient and enjoyable shopping experience for customers by further expanding our store network and seamlessly linking offline and online.

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Virtual showroom

Coordination for everyone

We aim to offer readily available, easy coordination for everyone. Customers can choose products in preferred styles of coordination. A wide range of colors, patterns, and shapes enable anyone to find natural coordination. In addition, customers can enjoy choosing a number of products at affordable prices. NITORI’s stores and e-commerce site thus have a lot of elements that can upgrade customers’ daily lives. We will continue to be attentive to the precious time customers spend at home.