Materiality 5
Contribution to local communities

Basic policy

NITORI Group takes action to be indispensable to local customers by contributing to local communities as a mission of chain stores, such as ensuring stable supply of affordable products essential in daily life, creating local employment, and being environmentally conscious.

Contribution to convenient and enjoyable shopping experiences for customers through expansion of store network and promotion of O2O

Enriching homes for many more people


We aim to make available products necessary for everyday life anytime, anywhere, and for anyone. We consider the increasing number of customers as an indicator of social contribution. The number of domestic and overseas stores totaled 722 as of the end of fiscal 2020. We are opening stores in unconventional places that have market areas with populations of 100 thousand or less, as well as in urban areas, thereby increasing accessibility to brick-and-mortar stores. In the meantime, our e-commerce site NITORI-net proposes more convenient ways to shop by expanding the range of available products and introducing new services, including virtual showrooms, where customers can enjoy 360-degree views of NITORI’s coordination. Creation of stores and enhancement of services that are supported by customers resulted in an increase in the number of purchasing customers in the pandemic-struck fiscal 2020 to 112.8% of the number in the previous year. We thus contributed to enriched homes of a larger number of customers. As a destination store in the area (a store where customers can buy everything they are looking for at one place), we will continue to expand the contribution to convenient and enjoyable shopping experience for customers by further expanding our store network and seamlessly linking offline and online.

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Virtual showroom

Coordination for everyone


We aim to offer readily available, easy coordination for everyone. Customers can choose products in preferred styles of coordination. A wide range of colors, patterns, and shapes enable anyone to find natural coordination. In addition, customers can enjoy choosing a number of products at affordable prices. NITORI’s stores and e-commerce site thus have a lot of elements that can upgrade customers’ daily lives. We will continue to be attentive to the precious time customers spend at home.

Local Contribution Activities

Aiming to become a company that people will feel in need of, we implement a wide variety of local contribution activities, with particular focus on “personal development,” “measures against disasters” and “environmental support,” to give back to all of the countries, local communities, and society members that nurture and support NITORI Group.

Development of “Future IT Human Resources”


NITORI Holdings concluded a partnership agreement with Sapporo City and Hokkaido University in July 2019 for the development of “Future IT Human Resources”, who can leverage the power of digital technology and data to resolve local issues and create a society of the future. Hokkaido joined the partnership in March 2021 to expand and strengthen the initiative throughout the prefecture. The four dedicated parties are working together to roll out human resource development for each level of education, including elementary, junior high school, high school, university and graduate school students. “NITORI Future Society Design Course,” established in Hokkaido University, invites public applications for research using data and assignments provided by NITORI, as well as conducts cutting-edge research that make use of actual stores. Research outcomes are published in journals and presented in academic conferences, constituting practical human resource development initiatives. We are promoting initiatives so that Hokkaido, the place where NITORI was founded, will generate many talented people who will forge the future, and so that those people will generate vitality throughout the entire community by playing an active role in the region, and moreover become a bridge to the world.

Disaster mitigation project and disaster assistance


As a social infrastructure company that deals with household items, NITORI Group consider it its mission to promptly deliver necessary products to customers in affected areas, when natural disasters occur. Based on multilateral analyses of issues found at the time of past disasters, we implement the “Future Disaster Mitigation Project,” which builds expertise to resume store operations in affected areas in the shortest possible time and simultaneously creates systems to supply products that are in high demand after disasters. The aim is to help customers restore their daily lives as soon as possible. When actual natural disasters, such as earthquakes and heavy rainfall, strike in various locations, the entire Group joins forces to procure and deliver emergency relief supplies to shelters and temporary housing at the request of the government and local municipalities. We will continue to offer assistance as necessary, both in Japan and overseas.

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NITORI International Scholarship Foundation


NITORI’s founder, Akio Nitori, donated his private funds to establish the NITORI International Scholarship Foundation in March 2005, hoping to give something back to people in the Asian countries, who have lent a tremendous support to the achievement of NITORI Group’s mission. To expand friendship and support human resource development around the world, the foundation offers benefit-type scholarships and has supported a total of 7,040 students from 43 countries and regions. In addition, social events and study group sessions are held to provide opportunities for scholarship students from different countries and of different ages to interact with each other. These are precious opportunities where each scholarship student grows by finding inspiration from guests’ and other alumni’s advice and peers’ speeches. We will continue to expand the circle of support in various ways, both in Japan and overseas.

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NITORI Culture Foundation


The NITORI Culture Foundation was founded in April 2011, to support the development and succession of culture, arts, and tradition and to be a bridge for the formation of a new culture. Taking up joint projects with NITORI, the foundation has supported activities that are for the public benefit and expected to contribute to local communities, as well as tree planting activities (supported the planting of a cumulative total of over 5 million trees). In October 2020, the foundation took over OTARU ART BASE, a collection of museums in Otaru City, Hokkaido that had been managed by NITORI, and started its management as a non-profit activity (the gallery attracted over 250 thousand visitors in fiscal 2019). Working with the foundation, we will promote and expand activities to contribute to tourism development, as well as to protect and use cultural resources such as historic structures and wonderful works of art.

*In May 2021, a plan to promote cultural tourism in the Otaru Canal district, the center of which is OTARU ART BASE, was authorized as a project subsidized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Other support activities