Management Strategy

Implementing three priority policies aimed at achieving 3,000 stores and ¥3 trillion in sales by 2032.

NITORI Group has formulated a management strategy to achieve its mid- to long-term vision of "3,000 stores and 3 trillion yen by 2032" in order to realize its mission statement "to enrich homes of people all over the world.” In addition, we believe that the barometer of our contribution to society is the ever-increasing number of customers and have set an interim target of "200 million or more purchasing customers in 2025," and have formulated and are implementing a five-year plan (FY2021-FY2025) to address the issues the company must tackle. In order to realize the mission and vision of our group as described above, we will build a relationship of trust with all people involved in our business activities, and through our business model of "manufacturing -logistics-IT-retailing," we will create shared value in society and achieve mutual prosperity.

10-Year Challenge (2013-2022) Globalize and Expand Business Areas

Actions to Enhance Corporate Value

The NITORI Group aims to consistently secure and increase profits by making a proactive investment in growth. Based on this approach, we have achieved an increase in revenue and profit for 36 consecutive periods. With average ROE for the past five years at 12.2%, we are always mindful of capital efficiency to improve corporate value. Shown, among others, by increased dividend payments for twenty-one consecutive periods, we also make aggressive efforts to increase shareholder returns.

Based on our efforts to date, we will continue to strive to maintain a high level of ROE while investing in growth, and will make proactive efforts to increase shareholder returns.

In anticipation of intensifying global competition beyond industries, we strongly believe that we should employ an optimal management strategy from time to time by flexibly changing the balance between growth investment, capital efficiency, and shareholder returns. Therefore, please note that we do not disclose our specific Mid-to-long-term numerical targets, including ROE, as of this moment.

The NITORI Group will continue to target continuous and sustainable growth by responding to any change in the business environment.

The forecasts and projected operating results contained in this report are based on information available at the time of preparation, and thus involve inherent risks and uncertainties.
Accordingly, readers are cautioned that actual results may differ materially from those projected as a result of a variety of factors.

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