NITORI’s Philosophy

Building on our mission and continually striving to achieve our vision.

Here at NITORI Group, we have a mission of “To enrich the homes of people all over the world.” That vision is shared by each one of our employees, as this is the cornerstone of how we behave as a company. We are also committed to devoting all of our energy to achieve our long-term vision, maximizing the potential of our group throughout our corporate activities. By building on our mission and achieving our vision, our aim is to share comfort and luxury with our customers and all of the NITORI Group’s stakeholders, in a variety of different ways.


To enrich the homes of people
all over the world.


1973-2002 / First 30-Year Vision / 100 stores and ¥100 billion in sales

2003: Achieved 100 stores and ¥100 billion in sales
2009: Achieved 200 stores and ¥200 billion in sales
2012: Achieved 300 stores and ¥340 billion in sales
2017: 500 stores ¥550 billion in sales
Transformation of Japanese lifestyles
Full-scale launch of global retail chain development.
2022: 1,000 stores ¥1 trillion in sales
Expansion in key sectors throughout the world
to transform people’s lifestyles.
2032: 3,000 stores ¥3 trillion in sales
Working steadily towards the goal of offering
the foundation of prosperous home living to the global community.