Materiality 1
Contribution to enriched lifestyles by “offering the unexpected”

Basic policy

NITORI Group places the highest priority on resolving customers’ frustrations and inconveniences, and continues to pursue what is useful, always from the perspective of our customers. Taking advantage of our business model that integrates manufacturing, distribution, IT, and retail, we will not only maintain affordability and appropriate quality but also offer products and services that live up to the concept of “offering the unexpected,” allowing everyone to enjoy coordination. As we work to be conducive to customers’ convenience and comfortable lives through those products and services, we hope to further contribute to enriched lives of customers by creating and providing unprecedented, new value that also leads to solutions to environmental and social issues.

Spirit of “offering the unexpected” found in products that are good for both customers and the environment

NITORI will accurately analyze customers’ needs and social background of the times and create products tailored to them. We believe that our endeavors as a corporation to resolve customers’ frustrations and inconveniences will eventually result in reduced environmental impact and resolution of social issues. NITORI Group will achieve its objective of resolving customers’ frustrations and inconveniences and enrich people’s day-to-day lives, while at the same time promote the development of environmentally friendly functional products, the use of which reduces electricity use and other types of environmental impact. Environmentally friendly functional products are developed based on designs that are both low priced and highly functional, while at the same time being environmentally friendly, and as a result, contribute to reduced environmental impact, such as lower CO2 emissions, as well as to making a positive contribution to customers’ household finances by saving energy and resource usage.

Good for the future. Good for everyone, ~Nitori's ecology~

Under the slogan of “Good for the future. Good for everyone,” NITORI Group is promoting environmentally friendly initiatives in each process of manufacturing, transportation and use, positioning them as “Nitori’s ecology.”
When manufacturing, we choose recycled materials if possible and conserve finite resources. For logistics, we reduce packing size and cut CO2 emissions. We develop functions that link product choose with energy saving.
Furthermore, we consider “after use” and aim to develop products with a view to effective utilization of resources at the planning and design stages, and to expand the number of products that can be collected and recycled.