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Contribution to enriched lifestyles by “offering the unexpected”

Basic policy

NITORI Group places the highest priority on resolving customers’ frustrations and inconveniences, and continues to pursue what is useful, always from the perspective of our customers. Taking advantage of our business model that integrates manufacturing, distribution, IT, and retail, we will not only maintain affordability and appropriate quality but also offer products and services that live up to the concept of “offering the unexpected,” allowing everyone to enjoy coordination. As we work to be conducive to customers’ convenience and comfortable lives through those products and services, we hope to further contribute to enriched lives of customers by creating and providing unprecedented, new value that also leads to solutions to environmental and social issues.

Offering new value with products
balancing comfort and
environmental consciousness

Spirit of “offering the unexpected” found in products that are good for both customers and the environment

NITORI will accurately analyze customers’ needs and social background of the times and create products tailored to them. We believe that our endeavors as a corporation to resolve customers’ frustrations and inconveniences will eventually result in reduced environmental impact and resolution of social issues. NITORI Group will achieve its objective of resolving customers’ frustrations and inconveniences and enrich people’s day-to-day lives, while at the same time promote the development of environmentally friendly functional products (green products), the use of which reduces electricity use and other types of environmental impact. Environmentally friendly functional products are developed based on designs that are both low priced and highly functional, while at the same time being environmentally friendly, and as a result, contribute to reduced environmental impact, such as lower CO2 emissions, as well as to making a positive contribution to customers’ household finances by saving energy and resource usage.

Visualize the level of environmental friendliness to show functions in an easyto-understand way and enable easier product selection for customers

NITORI Group strives to communicate product functionality to customers in an easy way to understand. Showing the thermal insulation and heat retention effects of curtains, for which we won a Good Design Award 2020, is an example of such efforts. Specifically, in collaboration with Teijin’s laboratory, we quantified the functions of each curtain by building a 10m2 laboratory in an all-weather type environment control chamber and measuring thermal insulation and heat retention effects under different conditions, including insolation levels. This enabled us to make clear specific functionality, energysaving effects, etc. of curtains, which had been vague, and show them on POP displays for each product. Customers can see specific functions before purchasing, which enables them to purchase a product after picturing and comparing energy-saving effects and levels of contribution to the reduction of environmental impact, in addition to thermal insulation and heat retention effects from the use of the products. By correctly proposing and offering products customers really want, we will expand initiatives to reduce environmental impact, together with customers.

All-weather type environment control chamber

Examples of NITORI Group’s initiatives (linked to SDGs)
~ Environmentally friendly functional products ~

Comfortable lifestyles for both summer and winter × Energy saving


“How can we get a comfortable night’s sleep without using air-conditioning in the summer and the winter?” This question led to the development of the moisture-absorbing, heatgenerating N Warm series (launched in 2011) and the N Cool series using materials that feel cool to the touch (launched in 2012), which started from bedding items. We were able to develop products that are sufficiently functional while also being low priced and of appropriate quality by managing the proportion of different thread materials at the raw material procurement stage. We took advantage of this, and as a result, the product was a major hit. In cumulative total, we have sold over 53 million units of N Cool series and approximately 34.8 million units of N Warm series.
Furthermore, using N Cool and N Warm reduces the use of air-conditioning at home and contributes to the reduction of energy use. In response to customer needs, we are expanding the product series beyond bedding items. We will further contribute to comfortable lifestyles of customers, including babies and pets, and to environmental impact reduction.

Take in sunlight but block vision and cut ultraviolet light and outside air × Energy saving


“I am concerned about privacy, ultraviolet light, and outside air, but I want to take in light in the room.” Customers hope to ensure privacy protection, keep a comfortable room temperature, and take in sufficient sunlight. NITORI’s ECONATURE™ functional lace curtains satisfy such needs. The curtains use new materials, thread that insulates heat but allows light to pass through, and keep the room light by taking in sunlight while making it difficult to see inside the room and keeping privacy. In addition, they cut outside heat in the summer and cold air in the winter. As the room temperature becomes less affected by outside air, air conditioning and heating efficiency at home increases, which leads to energy saving.


Take home on the day of purchase × Reduce CO2 emissions


“Bed mattresses are too big to take home by ourselves.” We wanted to change this common conception. The solution was to compress the mattresses. By adopting NITORI Group’s unique compressing technology and reducing the packing size to 25%, we made it possible to take the products home on the day of purchase. Customers can start using them right away, without paying shipping fees or waiting until the product is delivered. Furthermore, reducing the packing size, in the best case, quadrupled the number of products that can be loaded in a container or a truck for transportation. The significant enhancement of product transportation efficiency has led to reduction in transportation costs and CO2 emissions associated with transportation.

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New Initiatives Following the Expansion of Business Fields

NITORI Group aims to be a company that makes comprehensive lifestyle suggestions, catering to a range of customer lifestyles and offering comprehensive homerelated services.

Offering homes that more people want to purchase and live in


Capital and business alliance with KATITAS Co., Ltd., the No.1 seller in the used home purchase and reselling market

KATITAS has more than 100 local outlets across Japan. The company offers quality homes at low prices by integrating research, purchase, renovation, and sales and taking charge of all processes. With virtual home staging, which introduces computer graphics NITORI furniture to panoramic images that offer easy online viewing experience, we help customers choose homes by adding ambience and a sense of reality. It not only makes it easier for customers to imagine how it would be after moving in but also supports a smooth start after purchasing the house. Facilitating the distribution of used homes offers solutions to vacant houses and other social issues, as well as revitalizes local areas. It also contributes to the reduction in environmental impact. Compared with newly built homes, used homes can reduce CO2 emissions to a quarter and timber use to one seventh. We will keep contributing to sustainable urban planning through the revitalization of the used home market.


*1 Source: “Estimation of CO2 Emission from Construction, Renovation and Demolition of Residential Buildings up to 2050,” Table 4 CO2 emissions per floor area, wooden detached house

*2 Source: Forestry Agency, “Current State of Issues of Forest, Forestry, and the Timber Industry (March 2021)” 3. Current State and Issues of the Timber Industry

*3 Source: Standard properties renovated by the company in December 2018

Recycling soil to contribute to society through business


SHIMACHU considers it important that all employees work at their best and contribute to society through business. To work toward the harmonization among society, people, and the environment and the realization of a sustainable society, as well as to be a company trusted by stakeholders, the company engages in business activities that attach importance to sincerity, honesty, and sustainability, not to mention compliance. In addition, SHIMACHU contributes to resolving ESG issues and achieving SDGs in various ways. For example, SHIMACHU collects used soil, fires and sterilizes the soil with dedicated machinery at the manufacturer, and turns it into new, recycled soil. This initiative not only contributes to waste reduction and creation of a recycling-oriented society but also resolves frustrations and inconveniences of customers who wish to grow plants in new soil but do not know how they should dispose of used soil.

*This service is available only for customers who purchased certain products

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