NITORI Group’s Sustainability

Sustainability Policy

Taking steps toward achieving our mission while resolving
the issues of the world, aiming for a better future.

NITORI Group has been advancing to accomplish its mission of enriching homes of people all over the world. The Group’s unique business model that integrates manufacturing, logistics, IT, and retail was developed in the course of this process. By allowing us to achieve thorough efficiency enhancement and cost reductions, this business model makes it possible for us to offer customers products and services that live up to the concept of “offering the unexpected.” Furthermore, this business model enables us to take actions for total optimization from the perspective of sustainability, leading to the creation of new value that contributes to resolving environmental and social issues. By repeating the process of rejecting the status quo and promoting innovation, we will sincerely address each issue of the ever-changing world. Aiming for and pursuing a “better future” for our customers and all other stakeholders, the environment, and society, we are committed to sustainability management, to be befitting NITORI Group.


Sustainability Management Promotion System

The Sustainability Management Promotion Council consisting of managers of operating companies whose functions relate to sustainability issues sets specific sustainability targets and formulates measures to address them. The Sustainability Management Promotion Committee, chaired by the Representative Director & President of NITORI Holdings, Co., Ltd., discusses general sustainability matters relating to NITORI Group as a whole. Based on these discussions, the Board of Directors provides advice on the progress of the initiatives and determines the direction to be taken and the measures to be implemented by NITORI Group.


Group-wide Initiatives to Promote Sustainability

At NITORI Group, each employee considers his or her career plan for the next 30 years and submits it to the company every six months. In considering their career plans, employees link their plans to the social issues (SDGs) they wish to resolve and consider solutions.

Sustainability Framework

Approach to Sustainability – Strategy to Achieve Our Mission and Vision –

NITORI Group will promote sustainability management as an essential element of corporate strategy to achieve our mission and vision. By taking advantage of our business model that integrates manufacturing, distribution, IT, and retail, we will address social issues throughout the entire supply chain as expected, create value to be shared with our stakeholders, and develop a medium to long-term growth strategy out of the efforts, which will lead to the achievement of our mission and vision. To achieve sustainable growth in a business environment with increasing uncertainty, it is also important to strengthen the business foundation that supports medium- to long-term growth realized by addressing ESG issues. In the face of environmental and social issues, such as climate change, we will weigh risks and opportunities, address ESG issues not only in Japan but across the globe, make our business model more resilient, and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.


Key Sustainability Issues (Materiality)

To link sustainability initiatives more closely with management strategy and achieve its mission and vision, NITORI Group reviewed environmental and social issues based on the importance for stakeholders and the Company and identified key sustainability issues.


Initiatives centered on SDGs

To achieve our mission and vision, NITORI Group will focus on business activities rolled out through its business model based on the customer’s perspective and contribute to the achievement of SDGs through all corporate activities, including value creation with various stakeholders.
Of the 17 goals that constitute SDGs, we judge that there are high relevance and compatibility with 16 goals (1,3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15, 16, and 17), and we will thus promote our initiatives aimed at contributing to the achievement of these goals.