NITORI Group’s Sustainability

Sustainability Policy

Taking steps toward achieving our mission while resolving
the issues of the world, aiming for a better future.

NITORI Group has continued to maintain its shared corporate philosophy of enriching homes around the world and continues its endeavors as a corporation to provide products and services focused on “offering the unexpected.” The Group’s unique business model that integrates manufacturing, distribution, IT, and retail was developed precisely during this process. Applying this business model, we reduced costs drastically, maintained appropriate quality, and developed products and services from the customer’s perspective by denying the way we operated in the past and repeating improvement and reform at every stage from planning to manufacturing, logistics, and sales. We pursue contribution to customers’ enriched lifestyles by “offering the unexpected,” featuring unprecedented affordability, quality (functionality), and coordination. In addition, NITORI Group takes advantage of the control capabilities, ability to gather information, and know-how throughout the entire supply chain, which are the fruits of our unique business model that controls all aspects. This enables us to carry out every task more efficiently and pursue the right business for the society at all times, based on the idea of optimization for the whole. Such a stance leads to the creation of new value that helps us to address ESG issues, as well as to achieve the SDGs and solve other environmental and social issues. We will continue to place the highest priority on “resolving customers’ frustrations and inconveniences” in our never-ending journey of achieving our mission. By focusing our efforts on the external environment and change in the times and by transforming and challenging ourselves, we will achieve sustainable corporate growth, expand environmental and social value, and work toward a better future, to achieve the sustainable management that suits the characteristic of NITORI Group.


Sustainability Management Promotion System

We set up the Sustainable Development Goals Promotion Office to further strengthen NITORI Group’s efforts centered on sustainability, ESG, and SDGs. As global efforts centered on ESG and SDGs accelerate, NITORI Group believes that it is essential for its accelerated global business development and sustainable growth to focus on the external environment and respond in a flexible manner. Under the management system led by the Board of Directors, the Sustainable Development Goals Promotion Office will take the initiative in collecting and organizing information on past efforts, ensuring appropriate information disclosure, and promoting the expansion of efforts businesses are expected to make to resolve environmental and social issues. We will control initiatives centered on ESG and SDGs in our business activities in a systematic manner and create greater shared value, thereby continuing to pursue sustainability management. In addition, we launched the Sustainability Management Promotion Committee in fiscal 2019 as a platform to recognize the importance of such initiatives as the entire Group and create opportunities to share information and promote activities. The Committee holds companywide meetings regularly


Sustainability Framework

Approach to Sustainability – Strategy to Achieve Our Mission and Vision –

NITORI Group will promote sustainability management as an essential element of corporate strategy to achieve our mission and vision. By taking advantage of our business model that integrates manufacturing, distribution, IT, and retail, we will address social issues throughout the entire supply chain as expected, create value to be shared with our stakeholders, and develop a medium to long-term growth strategy out of the efforts, which will lead to the achievement of our mission and vision. To achieve sustainable growth in a business environment with increasing uncertainty, it is also important to strengthen the business foundation that supports medium- to long-term growth realized by addressing ESG issues. In the face of environmental and social issues, such as climate change, we will weigh risks and opportunities, address ESG issues not only in Japan but across the globe, make our business model more resilient, and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.


Key Sustainability Issues (Materiality)

To link sustainability initiatives more closely with management strategy and achieve its mission and vision, NITORI Group reviewed environmental and social issues based on the importance for stakeholders and the Company and identified key sustainability issues.


Initiatives centered on SDGs

To achieve our mission and vision, NITORI Group will focus on business activities rolled out through its business model based on the customer’s perspective and contribute to the achievement of SDGs through all corporate activities, including value creation with various stakeholders.
Of the 17 goals that constitute SDGs, we judge that there are high relevance and compatibility with 13 goals (3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, and 17), and we will thus promote our initiatives aimed at contributing to the achievement of these goals.