NITORI in Facts and Figures

NITORI in Facts and Figures
Facts and figures that illustrate NITORI Group “now” are stepping stones towards targets in the “future.”
Increased revenue and profit for the 30th consecutive term
Market value 78.6x at time of listing (as of February 2017)
Total stores 471 Overseas storesTaiwan 27 USA 5 China 11 (as of February 2017)
Average age of employees 33.1 years old (as of February 2017)
Number of group employees 27,441 Including short-term and part-time employees (as of February 2017)
Loyalty cards issued 3.0 million (as of February 2017)
Annual deliveries 2.75 million (figures for FY2016)
Containers handled annually 170,000 TEU (figures for FY2016)