Results and Financial Data

Financial Highlights
Changes in major consolidated financial indicators over five fiscal years are presented in the form of graphs and tables.
Net Sales/Profits
The consolidated statement of income (summary edition) for five fiscal years is presented.
The consolidated balance sheet (summary edition) for five fiscal years is presented.
Cash Flows
The consolidated statement of cash flows (summary edition) for five fiscal years is presented.
Capital Expenditures/Depreciation
Capital expenditures, and depreciation for five fiscal years are presented.
Monthly Retail Data(Japan)
Changes in sales in Japan, the state of store openings and closings by month are presented.
Credit Ratings
Our latest rating information is posted here.

The forecasts and projected operating results contained in this report are based on information available at the time of preparation, and thus involve inherent risks and uncertainties.
Accordingly, readers are cautioned that actual results may differ materially from those projected as a result of a variety of factors.