Basic Policy

NITORI Holdings Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) places top priority on sustainable growth and the medium- to long-term improvement of corporate value in its management. The Company considers enhancing its corporate governance system is necessary for achieving these goals.

To enhance corporate governance, the Company aims to build an organizational structure to respond promptly to any changes in the business environment, practice fair and transparent management as a listed company, and disclose accurate information to all stakeholders in a timely fashion. Meanwhile, the Company will develop an internal system to establish its corporate social responsibility and corporate ethics.

This basic policy describes the Company’s framework for corporate governance.

To maintain effective corporate governance in the context of the changing social demands and circumstances surrounding the Company, the Board of Directors will review this basic policy from time to time and will revise the policy when necessary. Any revision will be communicated promptly.

The forecasts and projected operating results contained in this report are based on information available at the time of preparation, and thus involve inherent risks and uncertainties.
Accordingly, readers are cautioned that actual results may differ materially from those projected as a result of a variety of factors.

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