Information on Shareholder Benefits

Shareholder special benefit plan

Shareholders who hold 100 shares or more and who are recorded in the shareholder registry on March 31 every year are given complimentary tickets once a year. It can be used at NITORI,DECO HOME, SHIMACHU, HOME’S and N Plus stores nationwide.

Standard for the issuing of complimentary tickets

Period of holding Number of shares held
(as of the record date)
Type of complimentary ticket(Note 2, Note 3) Number of tickets
Less than a year 100 shares or more 10% discount per ticket 5
A year or more(Note 1) ①100 shares or more (except the number described in ②) 10% discount per ticket 10
②500 shares or more 10% discount per ticket 15
  • Note 1:“A year or more” refers to the following conditions: ① The shareholder with the same shareholder number is entered or recorded in the Company’s shareholder registry on March 31(record date) and September 30 every year at least three consecutive times and ② The number of shares held is always the specified number or more.
  • Note 2:The maximum purchase per complimentary ticket shall be 100,000 yen.
  • Note 3:Complimentary tickets cannot be used for certain products.
  • Note 4:The conditions for complimentary tickets can be changed without notice.

Time when complimentary tickets are given to shareholders

They will be sent once a year along with a convocation notice for the shareholders' meeting.

We usually send them around the beginning of June.

Period that shareholders can use complimentary tickets

Shareholders can use complimentary tickets from the time they receive them to June 30 of the following year.

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