Monthly Retail Data (Japan)

YOY changes in non-consolidated monthly sales in Japan in the fiscal year ending February 2021

  Sales (%) Number of customers (%) Average spend per customer (%) Number of stores
Comparable stores All stores Comparable stores All stores Comparable stores All stores Open Close Total
Mar. 110.9 114.0 113.1 118.3 98.1 96.4 0 0 541
Apr. 96.0 98.1 99.0 102.0 97.0 96.2 5 1 545
May 100.6 101.9 106.7 107.6 94.3 94.7 4 1 549
June 147.4 151.1 143.8 149.0 102.5 101.4 3 1 551
Total 111.6 114.1 114.9 118.4 97.1 96.4 12 2 551
  • Note 1:Figures for comparable stores and all stores include net sales for the mail-order business.
  • Note 2:Sales are posted on an order basis. sales for purchases using points are not deducted.
  • Note 3:No adjustment is made for days of the week.
  • Note 4:Including in the store which temporarily closed or shorten business hours.

Jun, 2020 (2020 May 21st – 2020 Jun 20th) New Store Openings


Coaska Bayside Stores, Kanagawa on May 25th
Deco-home Ariake-garden, Tokyo on Jun 17th
Deco-home Across-mall, Chiba on Jun 19th


Shoppingplaza-kamagaya, Chiba on Jun 7th

Overseas store openings

Toufenchuang, Taiwan on May 29th

  • Note 1:As of Jun 20th, the number of stores overseas is 66 (Taiwan 31, USA 2 and China 33).

Jun, 2020 (May 21st - Jun 20th) Business Summary

In June, as same the situation on going previous month, the government order for us that 44 stores were temporarily closed. However, we were able to correspond the demand for remote-work people. Actually, selling of the item for working from home or suggested the seasonal item increased. In addition to selling of dining and kitchen items increased. On the other hand, furniture items as same.

Existing store sales were +47.4% from those of the previous year, +51.1% at all stores. Total sales of existing store this year were +11.6% from the previous year, and total sales from all stores were +14.1%.

The impact that weekday was less than one day and Saturday was more than one day from last year were that existing/all store sales were about +5.0 points impacts and total revenue.

Next update

Monthly results will be released on July 22nd, 2020.

The forecasts and projected operating results contained in this report are based on information available at the time of preparation, and thus involve inherent risks and uncertainties.
Accordingly, readers are cautioned that actual results may differ materially from those projected as a result of a variety of factors.

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